American Studies (History)

In the one-year Master's programme in American Studies you explore the history of the United States and its political, cultural, economic and military presence in the world, with an eye toward America in the world today.

Interdisciplinary American Studies

The Master's in American Studies at the University of Amsterdam is an interdisciplinary, one-year programme taught exclusively in English. The programme attracts students from a wide variety of academic backgrounds: history, cultural studies, literary criticism, media studies and the social sciences. The lecturers are not only specialised in the field of American Studies but also come from an extremely broad range of academic backgrounds, ensuring that the courses are highly interdisciplinary. Guided directly by the academic staff, students will write an original thesis that draws on their own interests and expertise.

A global perspective of American Studies

The American Studies programme at the UvA encourages a view of the United States from transnational and comparative perspectives. In recent years, this has expanded to a global perspective. The programme's courses explore the political, cultural, economic and military presence of the United States abroad - both historically and with an eye toward America in the world today - and its field of inquiry spans high culture and mass culture, from intellectual history to the presence of America in popular media.

European views of the United States have long been central to American Studies as a field, and the often contrapuntal relationship of Europe and America is a central theme of Atlantic history. In this respect, studying American Studies in Europe is an asset.  In addition, Amsterdam, a city where one encounters American-style modernity in a major European cultural centre, is an ideal vantage point.

Degree certificate

American Studies is an accredited degree programme of History. After successful completion of this programme, you will receive a legally accredited Master’s degree in History and the title Master of Arts (MA).

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MA History
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